Software Development

CodeBetter blog has one main goal – introduce developers to better tools, methodologies and practices within software development. They are focused on technical content that is actually relevant rather than filling their blog with random fluff to increase the views.

What makes CodeBetter different from other blogs is that they avoid writing about stuff that does not work and spend time criticizing it. They focus on pointing out what’s good and worth your time.

The blog can definitely be trusted in terms of information as the writers post purely based on their personal experiences and knowledge.

You will find plenty of code examples and innovative techniques here. It is perfect for developers who are focused on Microsoft technologies, especially .Net based languages, Sql Server, Sharepoint, BizTalk, server platforms and other software.

Six years ago I started working furiously on this little side project about package management for Windows. It started to grow and over time it became clear that it was going to be something important. A community flourished and there was a tremendous uptake for this little tool.

Fast forward to present, starting soon I will be focused solely on Chocolatey as the Founder of Chocolatey Software, Inc*! It’s an exciting opportunity to really see where we can take this Windows software management thing!

I also could not have had the opportunity to move forward without the support of a tremendous community, who has contributed to Chocolatey’s success in many ways.