Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a powerful JavaScript framework and the keystone of Sencha HTML5 platform. Sencha Touch framework allows mobile app developers narrow the gap between web apps and native apps.

It is also proficient in Sencha Touch, the user interface JavaScript library. Sencha Touch lets us make a web technology based app to look and feel like a native app. Powered by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards, Sencha Touch based apps have beautiful user interface components with rich data management features. We design, develop and deploy these apps for Android and iOS devices. These are essentially web apps, but in the native wrappers to be published in mobile app stores like Google Play and App Store.

With this best of frameworks, devise apps with world-class user-experience. Developers can replicate most of the User Interface features with utmost perfection. They can handle almost all sorts of web application projects that require replicating complex native app features and functions.

Our clients can dream of whatever they want to see in their app because we have way and knowhow of how Sencha framework can be utilized to turn their dream into reality. Sencha offers a rich set of UI controls, built-in icons, theme-support, data package, MVC support and a lot of others things.

Some of the advantages of Sencha Touch development :

It is always good to know which type of app development will be suitable for a business. Here are some of the benefits of Sencha Touch that help in choosing Sencha Touch:

Responsiveness touch features – Every user want to easily navigate while using mobile apps. The programing of Sencha Touch is programmed to provide a high level of responsiveness for apps. Smooth touch features are the first thing to increase customer satisfaction level. No other programming can develop such touch feature than what Sencha Touch can.

Higher level of compatibility – One of the most cherished feature of Sencha Touch is its compatibility with all the latest versions of iOS, Android and Blackberry to name a few only. It provides the best intended results across all platforms. With little bit of twist and turn in the programming it works really fine for different applications.

Faster operation guaranteed – The slow response hinders and affects the level of satisfactions from customers. They their mobile web apps to work as fast as possible. Sencha Touch developers test and make the programs work in the fastest speed desirable from any mobile web application.

Comes with native packaging – A native app uses a particular platform or device to interact leveraging that particular operating system features. So the time a business develops a mobile app, it can have difficulties on different platforms. But Sencha Touch framework would not have such issues as with some simple steps developers can create a native app that will work across several other platforms. So businesses do not need to create apps separately for multiple platforms. Sencha Touch developers therefore package the native requirements to make things work.

HTML5 device APIs – A device API allows developers to create Web applications that interact with device hardware. It is basically use of device hardware to interact with the Web in ways beyond standard Web browser interaction process available. A package HTML5 device APIs into the mobile application that make it compatible with more than one platform using the device hardware. Sencha Touch developers package this with their development making usage of the web better than ever before.

Cost-effective solution– Undoubtedly when the need of multiple platform based mobile app development is not required, there is savings on investment. Businesses can use that extra money to somewhere else. This is one of the reasons businesses are using Sencha Touch for mobile app development. The developers are not charging huge for this type of mobile web application framework. Without having to invest much businesses are getting effective application maintaining a high level of quality every time.

Advantage of selecting Masymbol for Sencha Touch :

We are having a team of Sencha Touch developers who are into mobile application development for quite a years. They know how to use of Sencha Touch to create compelling apps that work across cross-platforms. We are able to provide clients with project specific ideas and a final output that are satisfactory according to client needs. Our developers are making use of complex coding to create the superb mobile web apps with Sencha Touch.