Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Out of the many benefits, the technology shares some of the mainstream techniques that include streamlined operations, reduction in hosting and equipment costs, enhancement in storage capacity of apps, increased collaboration and productivity. In order to make your app function seamlessly across multiple platforms, adaptation to Cloud technologies is a must for the app development. The cloud computing integration helps the mobile apps to store a large amount of data easily and carry out the complex tasks. Most of the mobile apps with a bigger database are using the AWS (Amazon Web Service) as their cloud computing backup. This also helps in increasing the reliability, speed, processing power and security of the apps and enables it to deal with a large amount of data.

The watchwords are fast, secure and cross-platform. To speed up application deployments and updates, enterprise app stores are becoming all the rage, with service centres, accessible on-demand with a web connection from a variety of devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and OS.  Public, SaaS – or not –pre-programmed, with additional, customised, internally-developed solutions, free, paid: a variety of applications and deployment models can be combined to address employees’ specific needs. The applications can be hosted either in-house or in the cloud, or both, depending on the companies’ objective.  To guarantee the successful implementation of IT services and combat shadow IT, IT departments first need to identify end users’ needs, said Anas Safla, a Cloud Consultant for Econocom/Osiatis during a round table on application services. When drawing up an IT service catalogue, IT should focus on the use and added value for the end user, ease of access and use, and thus stem the tide of consumer products)


  •  Multiple OS platform development

Developing mobile app with cloud computing feature eliminates the need for creating an app for each platform and device. Application working over the cloud computing technology is enabled to open through web browsers so it can be operated on multiple platforms without any issue. This will reduce the effort in developing the application with the money invested. Enterprises are asking for cloud-based apps to manage their business process, as all employees are able to use it with any supported device or platform.

  •  No Space required for Smartphone

All the data and information are stored on the server and can be accessed using the internet so there is no space occupied in smartphones. This ability of cloud based-apps allows the user to use more space for installing more with the seamless working of the cloud-based app. This will automatically increase the performance of smartphones and ensures the interrupted usability of an app as the app is operating on the main server.

  •  Eliminates the chance of Data loss or App crash

As the app is operated by the server the chances of crashing app and losing the data in case of any damage is avoided. All the information and important data is stored on the server and can be accessed anytime.

  •  More time for developers to put in app development

Mobile app developers spent a lot of time in managing the server while developing the app. This technology reduces that effort and allows developers to utilize that time in developing the more amazing well-featured app. Developers need to invest a lot effort and time in coding to built an amazing app this technology allows them to invest more time in productive actions.

  •  Cloud-Based Apps Helping Enterprises

Cloud-based application is in demand by the enterprises, as it can be operated on multiple platforms without any issue. To serve a satisfactory environment to the employees with ease of using their own device in order to increase the productivity. BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) fashion is now appreciated by the organization as they have more relied on a cloud-based app which helps both the enterprise and the employees in managing tasks.

  • Future of Cloud-Based Apps

Mobile app developers are increasingly accepting the cloud technology as it is beneficial in many aspects but yet it needs to see the light of success in individual user market. However, Enterprises app is in demand by the organization which is totally cloud-based. Cloud technology in the coming future will play a vital part in mobile app development industry.