QMetry is the most comprehensive Digital Quality Platform designed for agile testing and DevOps teams to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster with confidence. To drive digital transformation, enterprises need quality software at a reliable speed.

QMetry provides the agile testing solution with complete test management, test automation, powerful quality metrics, and analytics. It has more than 20 integrations such as JIRA, Selenium, Appium, Bamboo, Jenkins, HP ALM, Rally, etc.

With QMetry; Test Management, Automation, and Predictive Analytics are covered within a single platform. The tool is widely used across enterprises in BFSI, Hardware, Technology, Healthcare, Education and other industry verticals.  


Main Features

• Complete agile testing support, end-to-end traceability, and coverage intelligence with relevant quality metrics.

• Deep customization to meet your business requirement needs and extensive integration capabilities with all emerging automation and DevOps tool stacks.

• A unique agile testing tool designed to scale across globally distributed multiple clouds for multi-location teams and instances.

More Features

• Test Case Management 

   o Intuitive interface 

   o Link Test cases to requirements and associated defects. 

   o Can adopt a customizable workflow to enable various compliance criteria.

   o Consists of various system defined and custom attributes that can help in managing testing efforts effectively. 

   o QMetry has a built-in traceability engine that automatically attaches the defects found during the execution of test cases with the test cases and requirements.

• Requirements Management

   o Link requirements to test cases as well as defects for traceability analysis. 

   o The advanced search feature allows you to locate any requirement within seconds and see all versions. 

   o Generate advanced reports based off your requirements. 

• Defect Management

   o Provides a flexible defect management module that can be customized 

   o Provides a Web services based API to integrate external Defect and/or Issue Management systems in the testing process. 

   o Generate report on quality metrics. 

   o The metrics are live so the bugs can be tracked and charted the moment they are submitted. 

   o Defects can be listed by priority.

   o Create test cases into QMetry from your defect tracker

   o Bi-directional integration with defect trackers.

   o Integrate with the following Defect tracking systems: Jira; Bugzilla; Mantis; FogBugs;

• Test Execution Management

   o QMetry provides a dynamic interface to execute test cases based on quality objectives, changes and requirements.

   o QMetry keeps pass/fail/not executed information at test case step level as well as provides summary for overall testing progress indication. The failure of test execution can be linked to defects enabling traceability.

   o QMetry allows testers to swiftly run test cases and navigate through the updated results while exhibiting all significant data that the testers require. 

   o The user friendly interface displays all test case data, test plan steps, and the anticipated results. 

   o Integrate with the following testing tools: Selenium; SilkTest; QuickTest Pro; Robot Framework; Test Complete; Telerik;

• Task Management - QMetry provides a task and resource management interface that provides details of the current workload and automatically allocates tasks to available resources.

• Test Data Management - QMetry offers the capability to manage Test Data and associate them at the step level. 

• QMetry allows you to group families of test cases into a test suite and then execute the test cases while maintaining the state of the execution. 

• Administration - QMetry is a highly custimzable tool that provides advanced controls to adminstrators, enabling customizations, import and export of test cases and role based security.

• Role Based Security

• Import and Export

• Reports