ZEND - Framework


Zend Framework is prominently known for its go-to professional framework. It is commonly used for powerful enterprise-level applications. It is built with an extensive set of features such as security, extensibility in mind & performance. Zend isn’t ideal for rapid application development as it was developed with a focus on enterprise applications hence it has an enterprise driven nature with the support of numerous components such as feeds, forms, services and more.

Zend provides leadership and guidance for the direction of the core language and other enhancements. In addition to our ongoing Zend Engine work, Zend provides significant input on new directions for PHP. Items such as "namespaces", performance, internationalization and Unicode support are just some examples of our ongoing involvement in PHP 5 and PHP 6.

Another key area of focus is on interoperability. Zend works with database vendors to ensure that PHP has consistent database functionality across a wide range of database applications. Some of this work has also had a direct impact on the database developments themselves including Oracle’s recent support for database resident connection pooling in Oracle 11g. This can provide massive improvements in scalability for large business-critical PHP deployments.

Zend provides valuable input into the support for web services, specifically the SOAP APIs where emphasis was placed on compliance and interoperability. Zend has also provides support for the porting of PHP to new platforms such as our work with IBM to provide PHP support for the System i'si5/OS operating system.

PHP and Zend Engine

Zend has a long history of support for the PHP open-source community. Each year, Zend contributes significant manpower and other resources to help nurture & encourage advancement of both the PHP language and the community.

Zend Server - Platform for Continuous Delivery of PHP Applications 

Zend Server is a complete, enterprise-ready Web Application Server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security. It includes caching and opcode acceleration, application monitoring,problem diagnostics, native stack installers, and support for auto-scaling and high availability.