Affinity Designer

"Serif's Affinity Designer has been dubbed the 'Photoshop killer' by some, and it's easy to see why," says product designer Dan Edwards. "My first impressions are that the app is incredibly well-designed and feels like it’s been made to be a dedicated web and graphic design tool.

"There were a few features I really enjoyed, including adjustable, nondestructive layers. This essentially means you can adjust images or vectors without damaging them.

"The 1,000,000 per cent zoom was just bliss; it's especially useful when working with vector art, as you can really get in close. The undo and history features are also really handy: Affinity allows you to go back over 8,000 steps!"

"When it comes to designing, the UI feels familiar. When moving from Photoshop, everyone seems to want to start over, which can pose a real challenge. What Affinity has done is to keep the layout familiar, while tightening everything up and hiding distractions. I was easily able to jump straight in and get designing."

Affinity Designer is now also available for the iPad. And note that this is not the scaled-down mobile app version you might expect: it's the same full version you get on the desktop.

Don't miss our guides to using the Pixel persona, the Export persona and the Pen tool in Affinity Designer. Also note that Affinity make a Photoshop alternative, Affinity Photo and an InDesign alternative, Affinity Publisher; all of which play together nicely.

Professional designers, artists, and creative love using Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer is a vector graphic design solution perfect for crafting precise curves, using dazzling colors, and customizing live shapes for their vector illustrations. Artistic texts for headlines and frames of advertisement body copy can be easily made with Affinity Designer. Truly, this software is perfect for illustrations, UI designs, typography, print projects, mockups, and more. There are a number of features that further endear Affinity Designer to design creatives. The software lets them create accurate designs using its zooming features and advanced grids, as well as with its flexible guides and snapping options. The software also makes it possible for users to use dynamic symbols and responsive items, as well as to obtain a pixel preview of their designs. These features are invaluable when creating UI, building a website, or designing apps. Finally, Affinity Designer also helps out with the organization of your outputs, thanks to its asset management functionality.

Overview of Affinity Designer Benefits. Affinity Designer helps rofessional designers create vector graphics, illustrations, and projects with accuracy. It offers them the ability to zoom over 1,000,000%.In addition, Affinity Designer allows users to create objects with precision.

Highly Customisable

Light or dark user interface

Create and save your own custom keyboard shortcuts

Create your own toolbars and toolbar layouts

Reorganise on-screen panels, float or dock as preferred

Tweak UI tool size and choose monochrome or coloured buttons

Search Preferences and set up Affinity Designer to your taste

Naturally Easy to Use

Follows industry conventions for the most popular shortcuts

Use generic multi-button/wheeled mice and graphics tablets

Check the Hint Line and Context toolbar for help with current actions

Quickly hide all tools and panels for a bigger design preview

Work with multiple designs and multiple displays

Mixed Discipline Design

Task-focused design spaces create a clean, efficient environment

Switch between vector, pixel, and export modes

One Affinity file format is compatible with all Affinity suite apps.