Superhero.js features collected articles that concentrate on what makes JavaScript work and what doesn’t. It’s an effective resource regardless of whether you’re just getting started with the language or trying to further your understanding of issues like front-end security and upcoming ECMAScript standards.

We come across a lot of great articles on creating, testing and maintaining large JavaScript applications.

Testing your application

   1.  Writing Testable Frontend Javascript 
   2.  Writing Testable JavaScriptBen 
   3.   Make tests read like a book

Securing your app

   1.   Single Page Web App Security Cheat Sheet
   2.   Frontend Security

Performance and Profiling

   1.   Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript
   2.   Improving Web App Performance With the Chrome DevTools
   3.   Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps
   4.   Leaner, Meaner, Faster Animations with requestAnimation