Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps :

Progressive web apps are web apps with the functionality and design of mobile apps.

While the question has long been: How can we emulate web content for mobile – it is now the other way round. Web applications are trying to emulate what is working on mobile to give their (mobile) users a familiar touch and feel.

The idea is to create app-like experience on web pages or websites.

Here are some of the benefits, Google lists in its developer manual on why you should build a PWA:

·         Worthy of being on the home screen

When the Progressive Web App criteria are met, Chrome prompts users to add the Progressive Web App to their home screen.

·         Work reliably, no matter the network conditions

Service workers enabled Konga to send 63% less data for initial page loads, and 84% less data to complete the first transaction!

·         Increased engagement

Web push notifications helped eXtra Electronics increase engagement by 4X. And those users spend twice as much time on the site.

·         Improved conversions

The ability to deliver an amazing user experience helped AliExpress improve conversions for  new users across all browsers by 104% and on iOS by 82%.