Foundation is front-end framework for any device, medium, and accessibility. This responsive front-end framework makes it easy to design responsive websites, apps, and emails.


  • It offers the cleanest markup without sacrificing the utility and speed of Foundation
  • Possible to customize the build to include or remove certain elements. As it defines the size of columns, colors, font size.
  • Faster development and page load speed
  • Foundation is optimized truly for mobile devices
  • Customizability for developers of all levels
  • It takes responsive design to the next level, with the much-needed medium grid accommodating for tablets
  • Fewer Cross browser bugs
  • A consistent framework that supports major of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes
  • Lightweight and customizable
  • Responsive structures and styles
  • Several JavaScript plugins using the jQuery
  • Good documentation and community support
  • Loads of free and professional templates, WordPress themes and plugins
  • Great grid system

Twitter's Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation are two of the best existing frameworks. But at the end of the day they have their own strengths and weaknesses. You should know this before hiring a Bootstrap developer or basic developer to convert a PSD into a Bootstrap or a PSD into a Foundation.

Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing the first accepted and mobile project on the web. The following is the pros and cons of Bootstrap Development, please take a look:

The advantages of Bootstrap development are:

1. Reduce cross-browser errors

2. A consistent framework that supports most browser and CSS compatibility fixes

3. Lightweight and customizable

4. Structure and style of reception

5. Use jQuery's various JavaScript plugins

6. Good documentation and community support

7. Many free and professional templates, themes and WordPress plugins

8. Great grid system

The disadvantages of Bootstrap are:

1. If the design tends to deviate from the design commonly used in Bootstrap, then many styles will need to be modified or rewritten, which will take a long time to design and code the site.

2. I will have to spend more time creating a design; otherwise, all sites will look the same if you do not have a lot of personalization.

3. The style is very detailed, you can generate many unnecessary HTML results.

4. JavaScript is linked to jQuery, which is one of the most common libraries, leaving most of the add-ons unused.

5. HTML does not match

 Foundation Framework

Foundation is a front-end framework that is a collection of HTML, CSS, and JS that contains design patterns that you can build. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Foundation Framework, take a look:

The advantages of the foundation are:

1. The Foundation allows you to customize your site without having to use other sites like Foundation. The CSS design outside the box is more of a graphic design that looks great right away, without even requiring much customization.

2.The basic CSS look and feel has been integrated, and there is not much CSS saturation in the HTML.

3. Flexible grids

Middle column

Adding a class 'Collapse' will allow you to easily collapse columns and eliminate channels.

A block size grid will allow you to create columns of the same size with the smallest markup.

4. Widgets

Foundation provides you a verification library for HTML5 forms.

Site navigation can be easily hidden on the side of the site.

The prepared form shows the price of the product according to the subscription.

The user experience can be customized as the website loads different media for different device / screen sizes.

Multilingual websites because the Foundation allows you to choose written language from right to left.

The Foundation will allow you to visit your website to access your website.

5. Additional services

Foundation teams provide services and courses as a form of support.

Several online training courses are also provided for foundations and other web technologies.

The disadvantages of the foundation are:

1. Due to the popularity of Bootstrap, community support for Twitter Bootstrap is better than Foundation.

2. Beginners may need some time to learn l websites and forums to solve problems.

4. There is not much support for QA sites and problem solving.